Registration, placement and cancellation

Online registration

Registration is without obligation: it is free of charge and you’re not committed to anything.
On our digital registration form, please select the required care (days), the desired daycare package and preferred location. After submitting the form, you will receive a confirmation by email.

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As soon as you’re three months pregnant, you can register for daycare at SKO. Your baby is more than welcome to join us when he or she is 10 weeks old.

Virtual tour

New: At your convenience, have a look inside our locations by following a virtual tour using in 360° and VR. Click here to start the tour.


We will do everything we can to offer your child a place at the childcare center of your choice, with the desired starting date and required days. We take a number of criteria into account when deciding on the placement of your child, like the date of application and whether an older sibling is already attending one of our childcare centers. When we make you an offer, you will receive a non-binding offer for a placement by e-mail. The concerning childcare center will contact you to make an appointment for a guided tour.

Do you accept our offer?

Then you receive your contract and a request for direct debit authorization by email, which you can sign via When the contract and debit authorization are signed, your child’s placement is final and you will receive a copy of the signed documents in your email.

Meet and greet

Before your child starts attending one of our childcare centers, you are invited for an introductory meeting. To get to know the pedagogical staff of your childcare center and to discuss the specifics of your child’s needs. We will also discuss your child’s settling period: when and how he or she will visit to get acquainted with us and our routines.

Waiting list

It is possible that there’s a waiting list at some of our childcare centers for certain days. In that case, our customer service team will discuss other (temporary) options with you.

Cancellation policy

Do you want to cancel the placement after signing your agreement? The cancellation conditions are as follows:

  • Cancellation fee when you cancel at least one month prior to the start date of your contract: € 50,00.
  • Cancellation fee when you cancel within one month prior to the start date of your contract: the costs of one month of childcare (the monthly fee in your contract).

Terms & conditions

Our childcare is subject to the 2018 General Terms and Conditions for Childcare of the Sector Association for Social Childcare. These conditions are part of your childcare agreement. In these conditions you can read what you as a parent are entitled to and what you can expect from us. These terms and conditions ensure quality and clarity.

Withdrawal and changes

If you no longer want to use our childcare services, you can send us an email to terminate the contract. Notice must be given one month prior to the date on which you wish to end our agreement.

Do you want to make changes to the agreement, for example change your number of days of childcare? You can always contact our customer service.