VE Method UK&PUK

In addition to regular childcare, SKO offers a VE program at some of our daycare locations/playgroups. VE stands for ‘Voorschoolse Educatie’ and is a special preschool education program to help your child get off to a good start at primary school. We offer the VE program UK&PUK at our childcare centers. This program is suitable for every child, but it is especially beneficial for children who are still learning the Dutch language or who need a little more stimulation in terms of their development.

“UK&PUK: full of activities and play!”

Who is Puk?

Puk is a puppet and a playmate for the children. He is part of the VE development program UK&PUK. This program is created for childcare centers specifically. The goal of this program is to stimulate your child’s development by playing and exploring together.

Which locations are participating?

We offer the VE program UK&PUK at childcare centers ‘het Kindercircus’ and ‘Het Dok’. On these locations we collaborate with the municipality of Oegstgeest and the CJG (Child and Family Center). We are an official VE organization for the placement of children with a VE indication.

We also have a preschool program at the playgroups from childcare center ‘Het Dok’ and ‘Uit&Thuis’. At this location, we use the UK&PUK method and we also introduce the Montessori way of working in some of the groups.
That being said, all of our daycare centers will help children get the preparation they need before they start primary school.