Registration and opening hours

From the age of 4, your child is more than welcome to join us in one of our centers for after school care (BSO). At these centers, we are not just taking care of your child after school, but also before school starts, during the lunch break, on teacher training days (non-school days) and during school holidays – only if you want us to, of course. Our after school care locations are spread throughout Oegstgeest, nearby primary schools.


You can register for after school care as soon as your child turns 2. Registration is free and without obligation.

After school care

These are the opening hours of our after school care locations:

  • On a school day: right after school until 18:30h.
  • On teacher training days (non-school days): from 8:30h to 18:30h.
  • During school holidays: from 7:30h to 18:30h.

Before school care

On a number of our locations, we also offer before school care. This means you’re child is welcome to start his or her day with us from 7:30h. After a quiet but fun morning routine, we will take your child to his or her class. You can register for a set day in the week or request additional before school care when needed.

For early risers: our childcare center ‘Uit&Thuis’ opens at 7:00h!

Lunch break care

For a number of schools in Oegstgeest we provide lunch break care. Our staff will take care of your child at the school or at one of our child care centers. First, we and the children eat lunch together and afterwards they can go play. Of course, we aim to play outside as much as we can (whenever the weather permits it).

Teenager groups: up to 14 years

There are specific teenager groups for older children (up to 14 years).Teenagers enjoy this step up from the “regular” after school care and parents often feel these groups help their child prepare for their secondary education and prepare them to stay at home by themselves.
Our childcare centers are open on weekdays throughout the year. We are closed on recognized public holidays.